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It takes few minutes at the time of birth for a lifetime protection of your baby!

Cryoviva gulf is the leading umbilical cord blood stem cells banking company operating in Dubai, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Saudi Arabia in Gulf. Stem cells are your baby's lifelong companion. Preserve them and register for stem cell banking now! Know more about the stem cell banking in UAE. Once thought to be a biological waste, has now been proven to have the potential to save millions of lives from different life threatening diseases!

Why store Umbilical Cord Blood?

  • Part of Peri-natal tissue.
  • Most naive cells with high regenerative potential.
  • Highest source of Hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) & Hematopoietic
  •       Progenitor Stem Cells (HPCs).
  • The most convenient source of stem cell retrieval.
  • No ethical concerns as cord is discarded after delivery.

Millions of parents worldwide have chosen to preserve their

babies' miracle lifesavers. Have you?

Our Services

Cell processing and cryo-preservation

Cord cell lines

Cell culture and Expansion

Cell differentiation

Bone marrow processing

Varied Stem cell & Regenerative medicine related clinical applications

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