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10 Tips for Pregnant Working Women

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  • Nutritious Diet is something which you cannot ignore, especially during pregnancy. Have small meals at regular intervals, this will help in avoiding acidity problems while keeping your energy levels high. Opt for fruits and juices instead of pizza or burgers.
  • Inform your boss and other colleagues about your pregnancy in advance. This helps them in managing the work; they can help you by providing less work or by helping you in your work for keeping things simple for you.
  • Pepper-mint is a must to have in your purse while going to office. This small thing helps in avoiding the nausea feel and makes you feel better during the office hours.
  • Water bottle is a must to have on your office desk. Keep it near your work station and keep taking small sips at regular intervals. This helps you in keeping hydrated and makes you feel energized throughout the day.
  • Dress comfortably in office. Do not consider that what others would think on your loose dressing. Tight clothes can make your feel uncomfortable all the time so choose clothes which makes you feel free. Also wear flat, anti-skit and comfortable shoes.
  • Healthy snacks like nuts, popcorn, fruits, etc. are some of the best source for instant energy. In office, sometimes the work load leads to energy loss. So for meeting the ongoing demands at work, keep handy snacks in your bag and get the instant punch of energy.
  • Ask for help whenever you feel tired. Don’t feel embarrassed in asking for help from colleagues or boss as everyone knows tiredness and fatigue are a part of pregnancy period.
  • Take a break in between work; walk around to avoid the problems of stiffness or heartburn. It is best if you can find a place in office where you can stretch and relax yourself.
  • Do not take tension; never over stretch at work for achieving the targets. You might not be able to work as efficiently as you use to do beforepregnancy so don’t get worried as it’s just the matter of time.
  • Understand the HR policies, asks the HR to tell you all about the maternity leaves so that you can complete and hand over your work on time and can take the leaves without any tension of work
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