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Say goodbye to restless nights during pregnancy

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If you are expecting, you need a lot of energy to fulfill the demands of motherhood. During these nine months, your body undergoes many hormonal, physical and mental changes, which directly lead to restless nights. Thus, to cope up with all the changes, here are some tips which can help you in getting a ‘good night sleep’.

Exercise Daily: It helps in regulating the blood circulation and in maintaining a good health during pregnancy. If you don’t exercise, then you can also go for walk, yoga or swimming. All this can help in a sound sleep during the night time.

Get some pillows: Yes, get as many pillows as you want while sleeping. They can help in relieving the pressure and pain that disturbs the sleep. You can use them behind your back, between your legs or under your belly for better support and comfort.

Reduce stress and anxiety: They are the main factors of a disturbed good night’s sleep. They only create health problems so try to avoid thinking on any matter. If any matter bothers you, talk with your partner or friends rather than thinking alone on it.

Watch your diet: Avoid heavy fried food during dinner time; also eliminate tea for preventing insomnia. Add nutritious elements in your diet so you don’t feel hungry while sleeping. A well balanced diet helps in keeping you full and less prone to nighttime snacks.

Take naps: If you are unable to sleep calmly during the night, then take naps during the day. Whenever you feel sleepy, go ahead, leave everything aside and take rest.

Make a routine: This will help you in going into sleep easily. Opt for a hot water bath or ask your partner to pamper you by giving a soft shoulder massage. Read, write or listen music, after getting into bed or have a cup of lukewarm milk. All these things can help in relaxing and can work wonders against sleepless nights.

Get help: At last, if you feel that you are unable to sleep even after trying out all the ways and tips, go to your doctor for advice and help.

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