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Group Companies

RJ Corp – Healthcare vertical is conglomerate of companies with operations in diagnostic services, birthing centers, radiology service, health supplement etc.

Diagno Labs Pvt. Ltd

Diagno Labs Pvt. Ltd Diagno Labs boasts of nationwide presence through more than a thousand collection centers and 4 satellite labs in 1 year of operation.
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Lineage Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Lineage Healthcare Pvt. LtdWith focus on providing superior comfort and celebrating birth, 7 star birthing centers under name of Cocoon have been started. With 1 center already changing the way birthing is experienced in Jaipur, company looks good to expand.
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Cryoviva Thailand

Cryoviva Thailand Cryoviva (Thailand)Co., Ltd., is a private cord blood bank established in 2007 through the collaborative efforts of leading global organizations including Cryoviva India, Indorama Thailand and RJ Corp. India



Cryoviva Singapore

Cryoviva Singapore Cryoviva Singapore Pte Ltd is a newly incorporated company based out of Singapore. It is a joint venture company between Cryoviva International Pte Ltd (owned by RJ Corp India and MMI Singapore) and AsiaMedic Limited, a premier healthcare provider in Asia.



Medanta Africare

Medanta Africare Africare offers precise, timely and affordable diagnostic & therapeutic solutions to the people of Africa. Medanta Africare is a vision shared by renowned Indian and African brands RJ Corp, Intex Group and Medanta-The Medicity, names which have a track record of highest level of consumer satisfaction and who believe and practice “Quality First” as their core belief.

Cryoviva Bangladesh

Cryoviva Bangladesh Cryobanks Bangladesh established in the city of Dhaka is an initiative of RJ Corp formed through Cryoviva India so as to offer the people of Bangladesh with this noble concept of stem cell banking which was earlier limited only to developed countries.


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