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Five ways to spend quality time with your kid

Five ways to spend quality time with your kid

Watch a movie

As a parent, you should restrict your kid from watching excess of TV but watching a movie once in a while can help the kid in many ways. Even psychologists say that movies can help in developing their mind as it’s a type of storytelling. Make sure that you pick good movies which have some moral at the end. Try to pick animated movies as they attract kids and are easy to understand.

Solve puzzles

Puzzles can help in teaching the kids and can also improve their coordination, imagination and creativity. You can bring different types of puzzles with different difficulty levels. Help them in solving the puzzles while asking them their views and thoughts. It will keep their interest and will ensure good time learning.

Create something

There are many types of art and crafts available in the market. Get some of them and start creating different things like cards, decorative paintings, painted balls, etc. Make sure that for every work, you appreciate them; it will help in enhancing their creativity and will encourage them to try out something new.

Head to the park

You can make this daily activity special by taking Frisbee, balls, jumping ropes, etc. Enjoy the experience as every kid loves such physical activities; you can play with them till they drop. Keep some energy bars and drinks for breaks; also encourage them to interact. This will help them in making new friends while developing their social skills.

Go for a drive/walk

Sometimes just going out for a drive or a walk can help a lot in creating a good bond. You can go for shopping or can just grab an ice cream with your kid; it will help them in sharing their views freely. You can interact about their likes and dislikes and can make them feel more relaxed. This also helps in developing a sense of responsibility in them as they learn to share their views with their parents.

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