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7 Very common differences between the first and the second child

7 Very common differences between the first and the second child

1. Celebrations!!!
When you are expecting your first child, you will feel that everyone in the world is congratulating you. You will be the center of attention in the family, from the day you announce your pregnancy till the date the baby arrives; you will be showered with gifts, blessings and loads of love from everyone around.
Second baby: Everyone will be happy but the attention and excitement will not be as same as the first one.

2. Photographs
During the first pregnancy, you will get clicked almost every day. And, after the baby is born, you will try to click every gesture of the baby.
Second baby: Pictures would be captured occasionally, on any occasion or if reminded. After delivery, baby’s pictures will be clicked but you would not be handy to capture every gesture as you were at first time.

3. Illness
During the first baby, you would run to doctor every time your baby cries or sniffles.
Second baby: You are experienced and can handle certain things by own. Now going to a doctor is only for some serious illness and not for general cries or health issues.

4. Re-use
For the first baby, obviously everything was new from clothes, toys to beddings and carrier, everything was new.
Second baby: Things like beddings, car seat, carrier, toys, etc. of the first baby are used again. If the genders are same, even the clothes in many cases are re-used. For second one new means only ‘special things’.

5. Attentiveness
During the first child, you will not even let the baby cry for a second and will rush to get him/her in hands.
Second baby: Rushing within seconds’ change, now you know crying for a minute is not a health hazard.

6. Cleanliness
You will change your baby’s complete dress if he/she even drops a tiniest drop of spit.
Second baby: You will start using more of wipes or bibs to protect the clothes from spits and to save your precious time.

7. Rest
During the first child, you can rest and take naps with the baby.
Second baby: Now, when you get your second baby sleep, you have to get started with the first one for completing home work projects.

Whatever, the small differences may be but few things are always same- love, happiness and care. Whether it’s your first child or second child, the joy of bringing a life is amazing. The happiness, which you can feel while seeing your kids growing everyday cannot be explained in words and it’s same in case of both the kids.

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