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Life @ Cryoviva

“Employees are the true reflection of the company's success”

With this belief, we work hard like a craftsman working on ensuring perfect shine on Diamond. We understand that hiring a talent is like selecting that one tea leaf in a tea plant that will bring ultimate aroma and taste. Working at Cryoviva demands a handful of pre-requisites like Passion to Excel, Commitment, Dedication and Hunger to Learn. We truly believe in nurturing the talent and thereby provide employees with an open arena to perform and grow.

Learning Curve

“To conserve a physical resource, you must limit its use.
To conserve knowledge, you must increase its use”

With this thought, our Learning and Development initiatives focus on honing the skills of the team to support them excel in their responsibilities. We breakdown the learning needs to the very basic detail and devise programs that don’t teach Greek, but help team do improvement on their current skills set.

With further foray into Competency Based Hiring, we are taking giant leap towards Competency Based Learning Initiatives.

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