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Stem Cells “Building blocks of the body”

Stem Cells & Types

The term “stem cells“ was proposed by a histologist A. Maksimov in 1908.

Every stem cell has two main characteristics:

  • Self-renewable, which means that it can go through many cell division process and still remain in the same state.
  • Potency, which means that it is capable of differentiating into various specific cell types.
  • Totipotent | Pluripotent | Multipotent | Unipotent


    Every stem cell has two main characteristics

Different Sources of Stem Cells

Others (minimally manipulated)

Embryonic Stem cells Research purpose
For Research purpose only
Cord Blood & Tissue
(HSC, HPC, MSC VSELs, Others)
Peripheral Blood stem cells (HSC, MSC)
Bone marrow stem cells for autologous & allogeneic use in varied clinical applications
Adipose tissue derived stem cells for varied clinical conditions
Organs specific stem cells, Dental pulp, etc
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